Listed here are websites I have found to be useful, informative, or just plain fun. They are divided into the following categories:




Science and technology

Video games




Finance - tons of useful, independent, impartial advice on personal finance. Includes a weekly email subscription covering the latest offers, freebies and discounts.



Politics - the Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises.



Religion - official website of the atheist Richard Dawkins. Includes some fascinating interviews and discussions. - the King James version of the Bible, presented from a skeptic's point of view.



Science and technology - extremely well presented and informative site, with a wealth of scientific data on the environment. - breaking news on the latest scientific discoveries and advances, covering everything from genetics to nanotechnology, space travel, the environment and much more. - an ongoing project, which is harnessing the power of the Internet to classify millions of galaxies. If you join, you can actually help astronomers classify the galaxies. - live world statistics on population, education, environment, food, energy and health.



Video games - if you're into video games, then this is the site for you. GameSpot includes news, reviews, trailers and downloads of just about every game in existence.


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